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Innovating Financial Education: New Boutique Firm Blends Finance and Marketing Expertise

Media Contact: Samantha Noah,

August 8, 2023

Following several decades in the financial services industry, Dr. Renée Baker, an esteemed financial services veteran, has unveiled the RBI Group, a boutique firm specializing in marketing and financial literacy. Capitalizing on Baker’s experience following an expansive financial services career, the RBI Group stands poised to empower people with financial education to overcome barriers to achieving a secure financial future, heralding a new era of opportunity within the financial services and wealth management industries.

Utilizing a multi-platform strategy approach, the RBI Group offers a suite of programs designed for individual clients, financial advisors, corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and beyond. With a mission to foster financial literacy and utilize marketing strategies to educate, empower, and elevate individuals and organizations, the RBI Group’s methods are all anchored in transforming knowledge into opportunities.

Recent studies show that 63% of Americans could not pass a basic financial literacy test (National Endowment for Financial Education, 2021), and only one-third of Americans have a working understanding of mortgage rates, interest rates, and financial risk factors (Time Magazine, 2022). Driven by these sobering statistics, Baker voluntarily stepped away from a job she loved in the financial services industry to challenge the status quo with a literacy-based marketing approach that stands alone in the world of financial services.

“Financial literacy isn’t just a personal necessity; it’s a societal imperative. At the RBI Group, we see this as a chance to enhance individuals’ financial capabilities and redefine and rejuvenate the financial and wealth management landscapes. By harnessing knowledge, we are working towards creating an environment ripe with opportunities for wealth creation and community advancement,” emphasizes Baker.

RBI Wise, the group’s financial literacy division, lies at the core of this groundbreaking initiative. It offers comprehensive resources for potential investors at all life stages, employing various accessible formats. In partnership with industry expert Mark DiPippa, this division leverages the success of his flagship program, The Centsables, to introduce financial concepts to children in a fun, engaging manner. This innovative approach indicates a paradigm shift in disseminating financial knowledge, ultimately fostering a more financially literate next generation.

In addition to robust financial literacy programs, the RBI Group comprises an elite team of financial consultants, marketing strategists, writers, designers, and web developers. This hand-picked team provides a broad spectrum of services, including custom financial advisor marketing, comprehensive advertising, advisor-led presentations, community outreach events, experiential marketing, promotional products, media planning, and buying.

Under Baker’s visionary leadership, the RBI Group is poised to disrupt the industry with a potent blend of passion and expertise. Baker brings unparalleled knowledge and commitment to this transformative venture from her distinguished career at prestigious financial firms. Her dedication to public service is notable, as she is actively involved in numerous community and civic organizations such as the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Leadership Florida, United Way Suncoast, IDEA Schools, and Girls Inc, Pinellas. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida. Baker has also won numerous awards and most recently was recognized as BusinessWoman of the Year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Financial Planning Magazine previously named her as one of the “20 People Who Will Change Wealth Management in 2020.” Dr. Baker brings unparalleled knowledge and commitment to this industry-changing venture.

The RBI Group is a boutique firm specializing in a unique blend of financial expertise and innovative strategic marketing. We converge education, empowerment, and elevation to redefine the financial services landscape. As change-makers, we’re committed to revolutionizing the sector through the power of financial literacy and strategic marketing.

Contact information: The RBI Group, Samantha Noah, (877) RBI-GRP1

For more information: or contact

Contact information:
The RBI Group,
Samantha Noah
(877) RBI-GRP1

For more information: or contact

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